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Ahoy! Welcome to our category electric boat engines from ePropulsion . We are at your disposal for questions, calculations, consulting and sales of ePropulsion electric motors! Together we will find a suitable e-drive for you. Please call us!
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News 2021 - the EVO-lution

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All motors are now WITHOUT gearbox and operate with 48 volts voltage

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two new engines: the Spirit 1.0 EVO and the POD 6 EVO - the original Spirit models are now finally being discontinued

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The Navy engines have all been redesigned and replaced by the EVO variant. All EVO models offer recuperation and have other improvements.

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ePropulsion's pod motors can now recuperate and both folding and rotary blade propellers are available on request.

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All motor controls are compatible with all EVO motors - there is also a new safety bracelet (MOB)

Popular ePropulsion engines - Now new 2021 models

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ePropulsion is an innovative manufacturer of e-propulsion systems with the goal of further advancing e-mobility in water sports. Four young engineers in Hong Kong had the idea in 2012. Since then ePropulsion has become a pioneer and scores with more than two dozen own patents. Thanks to the efficient design and manufacturing in China, the motors and batteries have excellent value for money. For most products ePropulsion is the absolute price winner. Especially for private customers ePropulsion offers exactly the right combination of quality and cost efficiency. Furthermore, there is a growing network of service partners and spare parts in Germany.

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Support motor

Chargers for lithium batteries

Lithium Batteries

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The elegantly designed motors in combination with the powerful batteries ensure long-lasting performance. They are easy to handle, safe and technically up-to-date. They are therefore ideal for the entry into e-mobility on the water.

With the aim of making environmentally friendly, clean and quiet engines competitive, they have since designed numerous models. These include the Spirit 1.0 PLUS and the new EVO models: Navy 3.0 EVO or Navy 6.0 EVO, both as outboards or in the Pod EVO variant. In 2020, the Spirit PLUS was by far the Yacht Test Winner in the comparison of electric motors with integrated battery.
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ePropulsion Technology Limited produces electric boat drives without gears and with a high-quality brushless DC motor. The motors are therefore extremely quiet and low maintenance.

ePropulsion offers boat motors with a wide range of functions such as GPS. Of course, there are also matching LiFePO4 batteries and chargers in the portfolio, which convince with an outstanding price-performance ratio of ~500 € per kWh. This means that you can use the complete electric drive from ePropulsion and benefit from perfect matching of all components to each other. This leads to ideal user-friendliness and no problems during operation. We ourselves have already been able to test the motors extensively on a rubber dinghy and were impressed.
ePropulsion experiences

ePropulsion dealers and partners

As an ePropulsion dealer, we will be happy to advise you on the motors and batteries and put together an individual offer for you. If you are unsure which motor suits you best and which accessories, such as remote throttle, cables, switches, etc., you need, please call us or send us a message. . Of course, we will also help you after your purchase with all questions regarding operation and installation.

ePropulsion Electric Motors | 100% Free Advice | You can order all ePropulsion motors from us within Germany free shipping. We look forward to hearing from you!

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