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Is boat insurance worth it? Definitely!

A boat insurance is your rock in the surf. You are covered in case of emergency and have a personal contact person in case of damage. The only question is which insurance is best for you? Here you will find a comparison of liability and hull insurance, an overview of our 3 tariffs, and a quote calculator. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Boat liability or comprehensive insurance?

There is no compulsory insurance for boats in Germany. In the event of damage, however, you are always liable for the damage with your private assets. Our motto: Better safe than sorry.

Boat liability

Liability insurance covers damage to third parties. Both property damage to another person's boat and personal injury. Environmental and water damage are also included.

For seasoned captains and occasional boaters, liability insurance may even be sufficient. This depends roughly on your accident risk. For example, if you only sail on local waters and very rarely, the risk of causing damage is also relatively low. The more often you are on the road, the more likely it is to pay for better liability insurance. That's why we recommend a more comprehensive tariff, especially for beginners or frequent drivers. You can find more information about the different tarifs here.

Comprehensive insurance boat

Compared to boat liability, hull insurance also covers damage to your own boat. Your boat is insured at replacement value (5-year replacement value provision). This includes accidents, theft, fire, burglary, collisions and much more. Our opinion: the more expensive the boat, the sooner you should also take out hull insurance. Again, the recommendation goes to frequent drivers and beginners. You can find more details in the comparison of benefits here.

Boat insurance: our 3 rates in comparison

There are 3 different tariffs: Basic, Basic Plus, Premium. Here you will get a little help for which boat owner which tariff is suitable for. The main differences lie in the scope of the insurance cover and the premiums. The better they are insured, the more the insurance costs, of course.

We always recommend the Basis Plus tariff, i.e. the golden mean. The classic basic tariff only includes the most necessary coverages. Similar to liability, the basic tariff is only worthwhile if you can exclude some damage and have a lower risk. Experienced sea dogs may not need protection in case of accidents, collisions or running aground. Beginners, on the other hand, do. Some boat owners may have a boat port and are already covered for vandalism and theft. In that case, it may be sufficient to take the basic variant.

The Basic Plus tariff, on the other hand, includes the most important supplements such as: Property damage, boat trailer or burglary/theft. Theft of the outboard motor or dinghy is also included. As soon as you sail more often and not only on your home turf, the Basis Plus tariff is highly recommended. The Premium tariff offers maximum security. Here are a few more helpful services such as the 24-hour hotline or comprehensive help abroad.

Tariff calculator boat insurance - calculate premium and insure directly

Have you looked at the 3 different packages: Basic, Basic Plus and Premium? Then you can now calculate an individual quote for your boat. Enter the relevant data. In the first step, of course, completely without obligation.

Which boats are insured?

You can insure all types of boats with us. All types of boats with engines: motorboats, motor yachts, houseboats and inflatable boats. We also have suitable policies for all sailors: sailboats, sailing dinghies, sailing yachts and also trimarans.

Boats without a motor can also be insured: Rubber dinghies, paddle boats, rowing boats, canoes or kayaks. Precisely, there is also a solution for special cases: jetboards, eFoils and even jet skis.

Damage to the boat - What do you have to do?

Don't worry. In the event of damage, simply log in to the Nammert website under the menu item "Log in". Select "My contracts" from the drop-down menu. Click on "Report a claim" and enter all the information. That's it. You can even do this on your smartphone. Nammert will then take care of the rest.

Why do we work with Nammert Boat Insurances?

You receive your policies within minutes. The insurance cover takes effect the very next day. Concluded today, insured on the water tomorrow. In addition, the support and advice at Nammert is very personal. A contact person can be reached at any time by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

Another important aspect for us are also standard market conditions. The bottom line is good prices for you and the opportunity to save some money on top of your existing insurance.

Nammert Boat Insurance

When it comes to boat and yacht insurance, Nammert is one of the best insurers. Nammert has been insuring since 1989 and is very experienced. Nammert's colleagues offer a quick claim settlement, quite simply also digitally. If desired, Nammert will even take over the cancellation of your old insurance policy within just 3 minutes.

Test report with conclusion and grade: Very good. Nammert is rated by the rating portal Ausgezeichnet with a score of 4.91/5.00 from around 2,500 customer reviews. The rating speaks for itself.

Legal Protection Boat and Water Sports

Legal expenses insurance is used to protect against high legal fees and costs in court. Legal costs can quickly mount up. Even with an amount in dispute of €2,000, the court costs can be €1,200. The higher the amount in dispute, the higher the costs. Also bear in mind that proceedings can sometimes drag on for several years.

Important: Watercraft (boats) are often excluded from conventional legal expenses insurance and require their own insurance. Even if legal protection for boats is relatively inexpensive, it is best to check the terms and conditions of your existing legal protection insurance.

Water sports accident insurance

Accidents can happen quickly on the water, even if you are experienced in water sports. There are accidents that fortunately end without serious consequences. In the worst case, however, an accident can change a life forever. In the hobby sector, water sports cause the most fatal accidents according to the University of Munich.

We cannot protect you from this, but we can stand by your side. Accident insurance for water sports protects water sports enthusiasts against the financial consequences of disability, salvage costs, cosmetic operations, physical damage and death. Accidents resulting from strokes, heart attacks and drunkenness are also included. Private accident insurance comes into effect when the statutory insurance does not apply. The cheapest accident insurance costs from €38 per year.

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