ePropulsion Navy 3.0 Pinne - E-Außenborder mit Langschaft

ePropulsion Navy 3.0

3 kW

2.499,00 € inc. VAT exc. shipping

Product description

Electric outboard with 3 kW power, which is suitable for boats up to approx. 3 tons displacement. The motor from ePropulsion is operated by tiller, has variable speed control, is salt water resistant and has an on-board computer.


efficient direct drive


stepless speed control


brushless, maintenance-free electric motor


tiller integrated display


suitable for salt water


very quiet engine



Plastic propeller


Technical Details

46.8 V
long shaft
24.1 kg
saltwater resistant

Manufacturer Description

ePropulsion is an innovative manufacturer of electric drives with the goal of further promoting electromobility in water sports. Four young engineers in Hong Kong came up with the idea for ePropulsion in 2012. Since then, they have designed numerous models with the aim of making environmentally friendly, clean and quiet engines competitive.

ePropulsion Technology Limited produces motors without gears and with an efficient, brushless motor. The motors are therefore extremely quiet and low maintenance . ePropulsion offers boat motors with a wide range of functions such as GPS and has suitable lithium-ion batteries and chargers in its range.
The elegantly designed motors in conjunction with the high-performance batteries ensure long-lasting performance. These are easy to use , safe and technically up to date and are therefore ideal for getting started with electromobility on water.

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Your complete system will then be delivered to your home. she can now simply equip your boat with the electric drive. Ask for it we will provide you with instructions and explanatory videos as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us!


Guaranty and Service

So far there have been no returns. We don't expect you to Will have trouble with your new system. You can contact us at However, questions can always be reached by email or phone.

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