elektromotor boot


2.2 kW

on request

Product description

Electric pod drive with 2.2 kW power, which is suitable for boats up to approx. 2200 kg displacement. The motor from Floren Marinetechnik is operated by remote gas, has variable speed control and captivates with its unique design.


stepless speed control


suitable for salt water


Technical Details

24 V
no shaft
4 kg
saltwater resistant
no info
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Manufacturer Description

Floren Marinetechnik , or FMT for short, is a German manufacturer of electric boat drives, underwater vehicles, and circuit diving equipment. The peculiarity of the boat drives is that they do not have a conventional propeller shaft. The propeller blades are guided on the outside of the rotor, the design corresponds to a ring.

This has the advantage that nothing can get caught in a shaft and if damaged, the propeller blades can be replaced individually. Besides, the motors are very compact, efficient and have high performance with low weight.

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Click Add Cart. In the next step, enter your personal data and we forward the order to our Cooperation partners continue. This then takes over the payment process and shipping.


Shipping and Installation:

Your complete system will then be delivered to your home. she can now simply equip your boat with the electric drive. Ask for it we will provide you with instructions and explanatory videos as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us!


Guaranty and Service

So far there have been no returns. We don't expect you to Will have trouble with your new system. You can contact us at However, questions can always be reached by email or phone.

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