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Minn Kota Traxxis 45 Heckmotor

0.5 kW 0.7 PS

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Product description

Rear engine Traxxis 45 with 500-watt power and 45 lb thrust, suitable for boats up to approx. 500 kg of displacement. The motor Traxxis 45 with tiller operation from Minn Kota is stepless and has a battery indicator.

Safety with the Minn Kota Traxxis 45

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The housing of the Traxxis 45 is made of unbreakable plastic and the shaft of strong glass fiber. Also UV-resistant.

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The Traxxis 45 can be tilted up to 90° and can therefore be quickly folded up if there is a risk of ground contact.

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Unbeatable price-performance ratio of Minn Kota Traxxis engines.

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Robust plastic holder for the transom. Thanks to the composite structures, it is particularly light and even stronger than conventional steel brackets. In the event of a collision, the material gently absorbs the impact instead of bending or breaking.

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Thanks to the tilting device, the engines are particularly suitable for use with children on board.


Comfort of Traxxis 45

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Including battery indicator on the Traxxis 45: Switch off the motor, wait briefly and press the key. You will then see the charge level of your battery.

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Full Charge | Good | Low | Recharge

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Reduced blockages thanks to the Power Propeller. The electric motor can also get underwater through dense vegetation.

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15 cm telescopic tiller provides comfortable control

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The Traxxis has the advantage over the Endura models of a one-hand folding mechanism. During folding up, one hand can be used for fishing. Simply reach under the motorhead and pull up.

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Minn Kota engines are not entirely maintenance-free. From time to time the carbon brushes have to be replaced.


Technical features of the Traxxis 45

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Stepless speed control: By precisely controlling the speed, the Traxxis offers better control over the boat.

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Instead of the 5 forward gears or the 3 reverse gears, the stepless control leads to higher efficiency and lower power consumption.

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Digital Maximizer" function - Up to 5x longer range at reduced speed. Power consumption is minimized compared to other models with switching stages and in some cases greatly extends the range.

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Height-adjustable immersion depth for optimal propulsion of your boat.

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Quieter and cooler than comparable models thanks to the Turbomagnet technology. Especially when fishing, fish are less frightened away by the motor.

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Long battery life and motor life thanks to efficient motor technology.


Use of Minn Kota Traxxis 45

The motors are mainly suitable for use in freshwater. Especially for inflatable boats, canoes, rowing boats or small sailing boats. However, the motors are quickly damaged by saltwater. For this purpose, Minn Kota has designed the special Riptide models. Thanks to the quiet and low-vibration ride, the motors are especially popular with anglers.

The Minn Kota Traxxis series

The Traxxis series by Minn Kota is one of the successors of the Endura Max series. The engines are therefore the perfect link between C2 and Traxxis and are enjoying increasing popularity.

The motors have all the features of the C2 and additionally the "Digital Maximizer" and the infinitely variable speed control. The range is suitable for beginners to e-mobility on the water who value higher quality. Very reliable and durable at an attractive price.

Battery for the Traxxis 45

For the Minn Kota electric motors, we recommend AGM batteries, which have DeepCycle technology, i.e. can be discharged comparatively deep. Ordinary car and lead-acid batteries are not suitable for the continuous operation of an electric motor, if at all. Here it is better to spend one euro more than to have to buy a new battery in the second season.
>br> If you travel a lot, you may even want to consider a high-quality lithium-ion battery. These are significantly lighter, smaller and more durable than AGM batteries, but also more expensive. It is best to use only lithium batteries that have already proven themselves in combination with Minn Kota electric motors. Otherwise, there is a risk that the battery will damage the engine control board. We are happy to help you with the selection and answer your questions!

Info about the manufacturer Minn Kota

Minn Kota is an American brand that has been associated with the terms electric motor, boat and above all fishing since 1934. It is part of Johnson Outdoors Inc. and sells its products exclusively through a dense network of dealers.

As an angler you will not be able to get past Minn Kota. The range specializes in smaller electric motors below 2 kW. Every angler and boat owner can find what he is looking for in the Minn Kota models.

Further details

Depending on your requirements and budget, you will find at Minn Kota either a good model for beginners or a premium model with integrated autopilot, sonar, as well as GPS and Bluetooth. The basic quality features are completely covered by the bank.

If required, we can also offer you further products from Minn Kota and Hummingbird, which are currently not listed with us. Please feel free to contact us!

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Shipping and Installation

The complete system is then delivered to you as quickly as possible. You can now equip your boat with the perfect e-drive. You will of course receive instructions, tips and soon also explanatory videos. You can always contact us if you have any questions!


Guarantee and Service

You will have a great and relaxing time on the water. You can always contact us by mail or phone if you have any questions or in case of warranty. We and our partners will also provide you with support for possible spare parts at any time. Your boat is our engine.

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