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E-pod motor for my boat

Torqeedo, Aquamot, Kräutler, and Co

Popular electric pod motors

You can easily find the right type of engine and model for your boat in the categories. "Which electro pod motors are available for my boat" - Here you will find almost all manufacturers and models available on the market for maritime applications.

You are not sure which E-Podmotor is best suited? Give us a call! We have a selection of 50 different e-drives from over 8 manufacturers available for you.

Special features of electrical flange motors

Electric pod motors are available in different power ranges. You will find all variants from 1 kW up to 106 kW (145 HP) power in our shop. Depending on your requirements, you will need about 1-2 kW power per tonne in displacement mode boat weight, depending on water, hull, and current.

You can control your Pod Motor via remote control or via a fixed throttle in combination with a steering wheel on board. The motor is rigid and the steering wheel controls a rudder. The pod motor is mounted directly on the hull of the boat and the motor is underwater. Through the hull, there is a lead-through to the batteries inside the boat.

The electric pod motors are powered by an external battery which is connected to the electric drive. Here we recommend modern lithium batteries or AGM batteries for maritime applications, depending on the application. In addition, you will need a charger and solar cells for recharging are available as an option.

Aquamot boat engine

Differences between the individual Pod drives - What do I need to pay attention to?

The selection criteria vary depending on the boat and application. One of the most important criteria for us is the volume. There are outboards with gears that generate a high-frequency hum. These are significantly quieter than combustion engines, but still relatively loud. The electric pod offers some advantages over combustion engines or other types of engines.

Electric pod motors are noiseless, there is nothing to hear. We find quietness on your boat should not be disturbed by anything. We, therefore, recommend a pod motor for your sailing boat with a clear conscience. You can also find the information with the individual products or you can filter them. There are also differences between leisure and commercial use. For leisure use, the models from Torqeedo, ePropulsion and Aquamot Trend have the best prerequisites with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

If you use your boat as a hirer or in the industry for commercial purposes, we recommend specially designed engines from the premium segment. The same applies if the demands on the sailing time per year are very high. The motors from Fischer Panda, Kräutler, E-Tech or the Professional Line from Aquamot are ideally suited for this purpose.

Very interesting are additional options like a metal propeller, a foldable propeller, or the possibility to recharge the batteries during sailing thanks to recuperation. Please contact us for an individual and detailed consultation.

ePropulsion pod engine

Electric pod motors - Which manufacturers are there?

Most boat owners know Torqeedo with the orange logo. Torqeedo comes from Starnberger See in Germany. Torqeedo is the market leader in the field of electric boat drives and has already delivered more than 100,000 electric motors all over the world. Torqeedo pod motors have a power output of between 2 kW and 10 kW.

The absolute hit in the field of pod motors for motorboats is the company Käutler from Austria. There are also very well-known manufacturers such as Fischer Panda, Aquamot, E-Tech or FMT. These manufacturers are known for their high quality and have been producing e-drives for boats and ships for a small eternity.

Despite a market with many well-known players, there are always exciting news. The green E-drives from FMT are external rotors and stand out due to their extraordinary design, but they are convincing in quality and performance. With a pod from Floren Marine Technik the boater gets a real premium drive. Also, the quality and user-friendliness of the display and the control system are highly recommended.

E-Tech from Poland is also a relatively unknown manufacturer, but they have been producing one of the highest quality drives for many years. The pod drives range from 2 kW to 40 kW power. E-Tech is mainly known for its permanently excited DC motors. Apart from that, there are some manufacturers like Belmmarine and Oceanvolt, which must not yet be listed on the site.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric pod motors

On the one hand, electric pod motors have the conventional advantages of an electric motor. The electric pod motors are quiet, clean, and very efficient. In addition, the motors have much better handling, maneuverability, and more thrust in the lower speed range. E-boat engines are also cheaper to maintain, safer than combustion engines and also environmentally friendly.

Pod motors can only be mounted on the boat with technical skills. In addition, the drives are located outside the boat under the hull. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. They are rigidly installed and, unlike outboard motors, there is no danger of theft. Moreover, only the batteries inside take up space and so the engine can winter with the boat.

However, you have the advantage of a flawless appearance without any visible motor on your boat. Moreover, the maneuverability is very good. However, the bomb with the engine provides a minimal increase in water resistance. On the one hand, there is a small disadvantage in terms of the cost of installation. If you do not have an existing wave system on your boat, a pod motor is a great way to retrofit an invisible and silent motor with little installation costs!

We will be happy to assist you with the installation if this should cause you any concern!

pod motor

Installation of an e-pod motor

Pod engines are widely used in medium to large boats and sailing yachts. The advantage with flanged motors is that the motors are really no longer audible thanks to their position underwater. In addition to the rigid pod motors, there are also rotating pod motors for boats without oars. The maneuverability of the underwater motors (henegatt motors / tubular motors) is also better.

The components of the electric motor are installed in a housing. The assembly is more complex than with an outboard and should usually be carried out by an expert. The boat should also be lifted out of the water, which may require a crane.

Existing holes and bases can usually be reused. It is particularly important to ensure that the holes in the fuselage are well sealed. The expenditure is smaller than with a sail drive since only some smaller drillings for the attachment at the fuselage and a larger one for the cable bushing are needed.

It is important to fit the new electric motor exactly. The assembly is also occasionally carried out by private hands. If you have 2 left hands like us, just let us know. We will find you a boat builder in your area free of charge, obtain cost estimates, and organize the assembly.

I'm here if you have any questions.

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