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Floren Marinetechnik, short FMT, is a German manufacturer of electric boat drives, underwater vehicles and rebreather diving equipment. The internal rotors are very compact, efficient and have a high performance at low weight.
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FMT electric motors

The special feature of boat drives is that they do not have a standard propeller shaft. The propeller blades are guided on the outside of the rotor, the design corresponds to a ring. This has the advantage that nothing can get caught in a shaft and in case of damage the propeller blades can be replaced individually.
FMT electric motors

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The German company FMT offers electric boat engines from 2 kW to 25 kW power. The existing products are constantly being developed and new innovations from FMT are regularly added. In total, FMT has been offering pod motors since 2012. So far, according to their own statement, none has broken down.
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FMT's electric boat engines convince with a truly innovative technology with high efficiency and compact design. The special lifting mechanism is also an ingenious design. The drives are steplessly controlled by a remote throttle lever or joystick. Here Floren Marinetechnik offers standard and deluxe versions.
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FMT uses hubless, permanently excited synchronous motors that ensure high efficiency and high torque. When handled properly, the motors are virtually maintenance-free. All materials are of high quality and designed for a long service life.
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Partner of Floren Marine technic

FMT works exclusively with experienced partners. FMT guarantees high reliability and long-term service thanks to a high level of development depth. There's no such thing as a "no go"! FMT also manufactures individual solutions according to your needs.
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