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E-Outboard for my boat

Torqeedo, ePropulsion, Minn Kota and Co

Beliebte E-Outboard Engines

You can easily find the right type of engine and model for your boat in the categories. "Which E-Outboard is available for my boat" - Here you will find almost all manufacturers and models available on the market for maritime applications.

You are not sure which E-Outboard is best suited? Give us a call! We know every electric boat engines have a selection of 450 different e-drives from over 20 manufacturers.

Special features of electrical outboard engines

E-Outboard is available in different performance ranges. You will find all variants from 1 kW up to 144 kW (200 HP) power in our shop. Depending on your requirements, you will need about 1-2 kW power per tonne in displacement mode and exponentially more in gliding mode.

The control of your outboard is on the one hand possible via the tiller directly on the motor. On the other hand, you can of course also control the electric motor with a remote control or a fixed throttle in combination with a steering wheel.

Up to 1.8 kW, you will find electric outboard with an integrated battery. Thanks to Plug & Play the models are much more comfortable, flexible, and user-friendly. For more power, you usually need an external battery connected to the electric drive. Depending on the application, we recommend modern lithium batteries or deep cycle AGM batteries for maritime applications.

For the outboard, the immersion depth of the propeller and thus the shaft length plays an important role. For motorboats or inflatable boats, you will tend to need a normal shaft / short shaft. For sailboats, a long shaft is generally more suitable. Alternatively, some manufacturers also offer a super long shaft or height-adjustable shaft lengths.

Navy Electric Engine

Comparison of the Elektro Outboard - What do I have to pay attention to?

The selection criteria vary depending on the boat and application. One of the most important criteria for us is the volume. There are e-drives with gears that produce a high-frequency whirring or other device searches. These are significantly quieter than combustion engines, but still relatively loud.

And there are loud electro outboard where absolutely nothing can be heard. We find quietness on your boat should not be disturbed by anything. We therefore clearly recommend a silent model without a gearbox. You can also find the information with the individual products or you can filter by them. There are also differences between leisure and commercial use. For leisure use, the electric outboards from Torqeedo, ePropulsion and Aquamot have the best prerequisites with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

If you use your boat as a hirer or in the industry for commercial purposes or if the demands on travel time per year are very high, we recommend specially designed engines from the premium segment. Ideally suited for this are the motors from Kräutler, E-Tech, e'dyn, or the Professional Line from Aquamot.

If you are looking for an electric outboard for your Gleiboat or semi-glider with a lot of power, the electric motors from RiPower or Aquawatt are perfect. Most other outboards are more geared towards thrust for displacers. RiPower also offers large motors from 15 HP to 200 HP for high speeds.

Torqeedo Travel

Electrical Outboard Engines - Which manufacturers are there?

Most boat owners are familiar with Torqeedo with the bright orange logo. Torqeedo comes from Starnberger See in Germany. Torqeedo is the market leader in the field of electric boat drives and has already delivered more than 100,000 electric motors all over the world.

The absolute hit in the field of sterndrive engines for anglers and smaller motorboats is Minn Kota from the USA. The engines are in the lower power range and are even cheaper in this range compared to the combustion engines and have replaced the internal combustion engine for a long time.

ePropulsion is an emerging manufacturer of electric boat engines and has surprised in the past with a very strong price-performance ratio. Also, the latest batteries for eProp's electric motor systems caused a positive surprise in the maritime industry.

Besides, there are still very well-known manufacturers such as the companies Kräutler, Aquamot, E-Tech, or RiPower. These manufacturers are known for their high quality and have been producing e-drives for boats and ships for a small eternity.

Advantages and disadvantages of electrical outboard propulsions

On the one hand, electric boat engines have the conventional advantages of an electric motor. The same should be noted when comparing the combustion engine and the electric car. The electric motors are quiet, clean, and very efficient. Also, the engines have much better handling, maneuverability, and more thrust in the lower speed range. E-boat engines are also cheaper to maintain, safer than combustion engines and also environmentally friendly.

There are some prejudices about electric drives. One topic is the range and capacity of batteries. Most of the time the range is even greater and not an issue. In 95% a combustion engine can easily be replaced by an electric drive. The only exception are gliding boats, where you have to take a closer look if an e-motor is already realistic.

The acquisition costs of the e-boat motors are usually more expensive. That is true. On the other hand, there are no maintenance costs and operation is much cheaper thanks to the cheap electricity. Normally, a complete propulsion system pays for itself after 3 years of operation. Besides, the batteries are said to have a bad environmental balance. Depending on their size, batteries are often no worse for the environment than jeans or a kilogram of beef and are hardly an issue in terms of the environmental balance.

Another point is the charging time and weight of the batteries on board. The charging time is usually between 6 and 10 hours, which is the usual time for boats to be moored in the harbor or marina. The maximum weight also plays a role for sliding boats. The batteries replace the tank and thus take up hardly any more space, weighing at most a few kilograms more.

Torqeedo Deep Blue

Installation of an E-Outboard

Outboards are especially common for smaller boats and inflatable boats up to 15 HP, but of course, they are also used for larger sport boats or houseboats. The components electric motor, driveshaft, and, if necessary, the gearbox of the motor are installed in one housing. The controller is also integrated into the housing for smaller motors, but for larger motors, the controller is usually separate.

The installation of an outboard is uncomplicated at the motor transom, which is located at the stern of the boat. It is attached employing clamping screws or bolts. Depending on the weight of the engine, this is especially easy for engines under 11kW (15HP) and can usually be done by a layman.

I'm here if you have any questions.

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