Motorguide Xi3-70 FW GPS E-Bugantrieb | 137 cm

Motorguide Xi3-70 FW GPS e-bow drive | 137 cm

1.1 kW 1.5 PS

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Product description

E-bow drive with long shaft and wireless remote control from Motorguide. The power of 1000 W is suitable for boats up to about 1000 kilograms displacement. The 24 V electric motor Xi3-70 FW from Motorguide is quiet and 100% emission-free. | 137 cm shaft length, fresh water (FW)

Safety with the Motorguide Xi3-70 FW GPS bow fishing motor

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The bow motor from Motorguide is ideal for anglers and small motorboats.

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Complete corrosion protection thanks to anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

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The shaft made of stable composite material can bend slightly, but cannot break. The motor is therefore also safe from obstacles in the water.

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Completely protected against water and dust. The electronics of Motorguide fishing motors are specially coated.

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Damage to the Motorguide Xi3 is prevented by a protective circuit if the motor comes to a standstill.


Comfort from the Motorguide Xi3 Bug Trolling engine

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Quiet running thanks to low friction without wear.

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Excellent motor control thanks to a wireless paddle or handheld remote control.

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LED indicators integrated on the engine for constant monitoring of the battery.

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Digital variable control of the number of revolutions ensures a high running time with low consumption.


Technical features of the Motorguide Xi3-70 FW GPS

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The motors are only suitable for use in freshwater (FW). If you want to use the motor in saltwater, please have a look at the SW models.

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Standard equipped with a PinPoint GPS system. High precision GPS technology.

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GPS enables anchor function, control of up to 8 positions, course holding and cruise control.

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Equipped with a 3-blade propeller. Can also be used for herbs and plants.

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Combination with different echo sounders possible.


Motorguide Xi3 fishing motor

The manufacturer Motorguide in comparison

The product range includes stern and bow motors and appeals mainly to anglers and owners of small boats. Depending on your requirements and budget, you will find at Motorguide a good model for starters to a high-end model for professionals.

The last-mentioned variants have an integrated autopilot, sonar encoder, as well as GPS and Bluetooth. With the Motorguide motors, users get the usual high Mercury quality.

Motorguide from Mercury Marine

Motorguide belongs to Mercury Marine. Mercury is one of the largest manufacturers of conventional outboard and inboard engines and is part of the Brunswick Corporation. Motorguide is Mercury Marine's brand for electric boat engines. The company is based in the USA and is particularly well known in the fishing industry.

We can recommend the electric bow motors without any restrictions and can refer you to our partners here.

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