Fischer Panda Innenborder 100 kW 1200 U/min
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Fischer Panda inboard 100 kW 1200 rpm

106.0 kW 144.1 PS

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Product description

Electric inboard motor with a power of 100 kW is suitable for boats up to about 100 tons displacement. The Fischer Panda electric motor is completely silent and 100% emission-free. Speed: 1200 rpm

100 kW Fischer Panda boat drive - high safety

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Easier maneuverability thanks to permanent magnet motors, even at low speeds Very interesting especially for harbor maneuvers.

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Professional 24 h support.

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We recommend a 100% electric version. Alternatively there is a parallel hybrid or a generator to increase the range. Depending on how much and how far you want to drive.

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Plug & Play connection thanks to the EasyBox from Fischer Panda.

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Efficiency & no maintenance. All motors run without gears, are brushless and have no oil filling.

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The shaft motors are designed for high loads and have a double-walled aluminum housing that is cooled by water.


Comfort in operation - 100 kW Fischer Panda boat drive

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Low maintenance costs and low electricity costs. We recommend the extension with solar cells.

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Absolutely silent, even with a generator from Fischer Panda the noise is minimal.

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Always power on board your boat.

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Several steering positions possible on board the ship.

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Dual drive system is uncomplicated possible. Ideal for catamarans.

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LCD panel allows easy control and handling.


Technical details of the 100 kW Fischer Panda boat drive

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Recuperation when sailing with a sailor. During the trip, the battery can be recharged via the propeller.

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Voltage range at 48 V. No high voltage system necessary.

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Compatibility with the desired batteries of different manufacturers possible.

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Space-saving compared to conventional boat drives.

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Fischer Panda offers above all individual and highly professional solutions that are matched to the boat. The installation space of your boat is used optimally.

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Recuperation is not as efficient as with other manufacturers.


Fischer Panda 100 kW boat drive

Information about the Fischer Panda boat drives 100 kW 1200 rpm

High torque at low speed pays off. Fischer Panda drive systems are therefore also ideally suited for commercial applications. With the 10 kW parallel hybrid drive, a 70-ton vessel can be easily brought up to 7 km/h.

The variants with high speed are all the more suitable for use in gliding boats. In a gliding boat, in contrast to a displacer, you should pay attention to the weight of the batteries and correspondingly high performance of the entire system. We are happy to help you here with our free advice.

The boat drives of the manufacturer Fischer Panda

The Fischer Panda GmbH is a globally active manufacturer of diesel generators and hybrids, as well as purely electrical drive systems. Their products are used in mobile vehicle applications and the marine sector.

All products from Fischer Panda impress with a high quality and "Made in Germany". The electric motors are offered for various types of installation and applications. The pod motor and the shaft system are the core products of Fischer Panda.

The electric boat drives are offered with a power output from 7.5 kW to 100 kW. The option of double motorization or a second control stand is of course also available.

Innovations made in Germany

Fischer Panda is best known for its very quiet and compact generators. The product range includes generators from 2.5 kW to 200 kW and models with fixed or variable speed, as well as direct current, alternating current and also three-phase current.

At Fischer Panda customers receive complete systems from one source. The drive systems are particularly valued in the commercial sector. This is ensured by a high level of customer service and a worldwide service network in more than 80 countries.

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Shipping and Installation

If required, we will be happy to find you a service partner for the installation. The complete system is then delivered to you or the service partner as quickly as possible. Your boat is now equipped with the perfect e-drive. You can always contact us if you have any questions!


Guarantee and Service

You will have a great and relaxing time on the water. You can always contact us by mail or phone if you have any questions or in case of warranty. We and our partners will also provide you with support for possible spare parts at any time. Your boat is our engine.

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