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Your lifebuoy.
We would have liked such a lifebuoy. Electromobility on the water is very complex. To find an individual solution for you, we will help you with all your questions and give you tips and pointers for your perfect boat tour.

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Your environmentalist.
We want to make our contribution against climate change and give back more to the environment than we take from it. Our goal is to completely neutralize all CO2 emissions on the water. In the future, we will plant trees for the environment to compensate for emissions.

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Your innovation manager.
You deserve the currently perfect solution for your boat. The state of the art is constantly developing for the better. On our platform, you benefit from the latest drives on the market for the perfect boat tour.

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Johann (23) gives you valuable tips for your boat tour and keeps you up to date on e-mobility on the water. If you need us, we can be reached personally.

"Emission-free and noiseless electric motors should make your day on the water perfect. We want to make the environment a little greener for you every day. Help us to do this!"

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Paul's (23) focus is that you can find your way easily and intuitively on our comparison portal. E-mobility is a complex topic and we want to support you!

"Enjoyment of the electric motor - it is important to me that you have fun, find out about e-mobility on the water and find an ideal system for your boat with us." "

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Elias (22) is our specialist for electric motors and is in close contact with the manufacturers. It ensures that you get what you really need. Elias will personally help you with individual questions about your boat.

"Advantage through e-mobility. We want to share the best and most innovative systems in the maritime sector with you!"

Our story

Off to the water

Johann, Paul, and Elias built their first raft for the trip to the water in summer 2017. The three Berliners have known each other since school year 5 and like spending their free time on the lakes in Berlin and Brandenburg. The idea of building a raft should become more and the three founded with the aim of creating the perfect day on the water. The focus should be on a very comfortable excursion, as well as on innovation and environmental protection. The greenfloat was to be operated with an electric motor including the battery system and regenerative energies and to outperform all comparison providers with the new and modern 'Tesla of the waters'.

We know what you need

The concept for greenfloats was born and, like you, we were faced with the question of which engine is perfect for our boat. 'How hard can it be to find a boat engine' we thought at the beginning. Today we know that it is almost impossible to find the best offer for you straight away. We were faced with the choice between a cheap petrol engine and a silent and very sustainable electric motor. Safety was important to us from the beginning and we knew that an internal combustion engine has no future on the water and for such an investment it is very important to find a really good price-performance ratio. The electric motor often includes a battery system, a charger, and a controller, and we also have a solar system and a digital onboard system. It took several weeks of research to find the perfect electrical system. Price inquiries from manufacturers, many phone calls and large price differences. The topic was completely new to us and we were completely disoriented with the many technical details. It was not possible for us to find the perfect solution within a short time.

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Your goals are our goals

We know exactly how to appreciate the advantages of a quiet and emission-free electric motor. We can put ourselves in your position and have a solution for you! Our online comparison portal saves you time and energy when researching and compiles all information clearly. Our mission is to enable you to transition to renewable energies on the water. You benefit from our know-how and can easily find all the answers. We ensure an independent presentation of advantages and disadvantages and give you specific tips and assistance. Our work and research save you money. We are happy if you are happy and satisfied with electromobility and can also tell your family and friends about it. In this way, you can help us to implement the vision that 100% of the drives on the water will be operated with renewable energies in the future.

We enable you to switch to renewable energies for your boat!