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Electric motor for sailing yacht

This beautiful Nordic Folkboat was equipped with a suitable electric drive from WaterWorld. The 4 kW inboard motor from WaterWorld was installed in combination with two Deep Cycle batteries with 48V/50 Ah each.

"I am so convinced of the conversion to an electric drive after the first test drives. Almost no noise and very efficient ride. 5 stars for the components and 5 stars for advice and sales."

Type of boat

Sailing boat (Folkeboat)


7.70 m


2100 kg (loaded)

Range with partial throttle

30 nautic miles


4kW WaterWorld

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Michael Schmoldt

Bought my Haswing motor here. Super nice contact. Thanks to Elias. Everything worked out great. TOP! Greetings from Hamburg


Albert Enders

Top advice
Great product
Absolute competence

Robert MEYER

Very competent and friendly advice on buying an outboard motor, nothing unnecessary is proposed, super fast delivery, as the saying goes: gladly again at any time! But it's really true.

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greenboatsolutions - electric motors for boats on offer

From my own experience it is not easy to find the perfect electric drive for a boat. Here you will find various offers that help you in your search:

Digital Advice

ePropulsion boat motor


Complete systems consisting of an electric motor, battery and charger


Comparison of more than 450 electric boat engines


The right electric motor in 5 minutes

Personal Consultation

Torqeedo boat motor


Personal contact and expert for boat engines


Electric motors with lithium batteries or AGM batteries.


Coordination of electrification is free!

Online Guidance

Minn Kota boat motor


All information about boat engines in different articles


Tips and checklists for boat batteries for download


Notes if you want to buy an electric motor

Advantages of electric boat engines

100% clean, quiet and odourless in operation.

An electric motor is significantly quieter than a combustion engine. As a rule, electric motors are virtually silent at 30 to 60 dB. A combustion engine with often over 100 dB is more reminiscent of the main road. For every 6 dB, the perceived volume doubles. Besides, no environmentally harmful and smelly exhaust gases are produced when driving.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

An electric motor is considerably cheaper in the long term. You are spared maintenance costs and as an energy source, you only need electricity. Depending on the engine, electric motors can be cheaper than combustion engines, especially in the low power range.

Absolute safety from future driving bans.

Driving bans for vehicles with combustion engines are a recurring theme - even on water. From 2025, combustion engines will no longer be allowed to drive in Amsterdam and there are already many restrictions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With an electric motor, you are on the safe side.

Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable.

E-drives do not produce harmful CO2 emissions or nitrogen oxides that pollute the air and endanger your health. Furthermore, pollutants such as fuel, oil, or other lubricants do not get into the water. Depending on the boat, even solar or wind energy can be used.

Efficiency, acceleration and handling are better.

Electric boat engines are 10x more efficient than combustion engines. Especially at lower speeds, electric motors provide more thrust and thus easier handling. Furthermore, there are no problems when starting the engine or topping up fuel.

Green image is all the rage.

The issue of sustainability and environmental protection has become increasingly popular since the Friday for Futures movement. The demand in the boating industry and boat rentals for sustainable alternatives is also increasing. Boats with electric motors are very much in vogue.

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Prejudices against e-boat engines

Do e-systems really have a lower range ?

Batteries effectively have an energy density 10 times lower. Due to weight and price, there are therefore some limitations. However, in 95% of the cases, this is not an issue at all. So do not worry, we will design the capacity of the batteries optimally for the desired range.

Are electric drives really more expensive

At present, electric motors are more in the premium segment. Every year the costs for electric motors and batteries are decreasing and become more and more competitive. In the meantime, e-drive is already more economical in 80% of cases. So do not let the price put you off at first sight.

Are long loading times really a problem?

The charging time until full charge varies depending on battery and charger Usually we design the system so that the batteries can be fully charged overnight at the dock without any problems. Also, the speed of charging and the flexibility of e-mobility are constantly evolving.

How heavy are the batteries really?

Lead batteries weigh about 30 kg per kilowatt-hour and lithium-ion batteries weigh about 10 kg. So depending on the size of the battery, there is quite a bit of weight involved. Usually, however, there is no disadvantage, because the tank and the heavier verbena fly out of the boat. The weight is not an issue, especially with displacers. With gliders, it is worth looking at in detail.

Are batteries not also harmful to the environment

Per 64 kWh battery, only 3,840 litres of water are needed for the lithium (Source: Helmholtz Institute). This is comparable to 250 grams of beef, half a pair of jeans. One kWh emits as much CO2 as about 60 litres of petrol. In most cases the changeover to electricity is worthwhile within the first year! (Provided that green electricity is used for operation).

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Minn Kota fishing motor


A few clicks will save you a lot of time and stress!

Minn Kota fishing motor


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Minn Kota fishing motor


They compare nearly
400 different electric motors.

Minn Kota fishing motor


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20 manufacturers in view.

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